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Historic Rockport: BoathouseThere was considerable excitement when the first telephone line made its way into Rockport and there was a local telephone office placed here. The first telephone message was received in Rockport on Nov. 7, 1891 by Mr. Fitzsimmons, over a rickety wire that in some places ran atop fence posts from Lansdowne.


6512 house2In 1892, Mr. and Mrs. Fred Huck moved to Rockport and opened a blacksmiths shop on what was called the old Carnegie dock. The Hucks lived there four years when they set up a machine shop and boat building shop. In 1898 Huck built his first boat " the Lizzie". In 1899 he built "the Leone" and in 1901 "the Ellen". These were steam boats and their captains were Richard Cook and John Carnegie. Mr. Huck also built several Invictus engines.


Historic Rockport: Boathouse Country InnIn 1895, the enterprising Mr. Cornwall built a cheese factory along the banks of Rockport harbour below St. Brendan's church calling it the Thousand Island Cheese factory. Farmers raved about receiving the high prices for their milk. However, local island residents raged about the price of food delivered by Mr. Cornwall to their, island estates ... 25 cents for butter and 10 cents for a quart of milk. The cheese factory burned in 1905 as a result of sparks thrown from one of the many passing steam ships.


Boathouse Country Inn: Historic RockportThe first Ferryboat from Alexandria Bay to Rockport started operation in the year of 1924. Owned by the Hutchision Brothers with a flat scow and a motorboat to tow the scow. Later the ferry was taken over by the Hutchision Ferry Co. Inc. in the year of 1925, when the Roosevelt was put on to take the place of the scow. As the business developed another boat was necessary to accommodate the increased traffic. The General Hancock took over in the year 1929 until the Thousand Islands Bridge was erected and the ferry boats were discontinued.


Boathouse Country Inn: Historic RockportEd. By PM 1997
Some of the earliest patents granted by the Crown for lands situated in Township of Escott were:
Jacob Baker    200 acres    1797
Elisah Mallory            1798 Apr.
Edward Biscell          1801
Um. Larue                 1802 May
Elijah Whitney            1802
Calib Seamans          1803 Nov.
Arn Andrews            1804 Sept.
John Kirker                1820 May
Rebeca Avery           1820 Jan.
Darlings                     1822
John David Latimer   1822
Beny Kirker               1823 May
James Redman         1829 June
Jacob Poole              1832 May
Henry Trickey           1835 Oct.


Beny Kirker, John Kirkers' sister, married John David Latimer

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